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Check-in & Check-out

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Check-in 4pm
Check-out 10am
Check-out for Sundays 4pm
Main contact Laura – 07825875250


Please note:

South Hams collect rubbish on Mondays. One week there is a recycling collection and the next week a black bin collection.

• Blue sacks: Newspapers, magazines, envelopes, paper, books, cardboard (but no drinks cartons please)
• Clear sacks: Clean plastic bottles, food tins and drinks cans, clean aluminium foil (but no other plastics like yoghurt pots and wraps)
• Black sacks: General waste

The Moult is one of the finest homes in the UK, and therefore has many premium fixtures and fittings. Guests are reminded to exercise care when staying at the property, as damages will be removed from deposit payments.