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Check-in & Check-out

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Check-in 4pm
Check-out 10am
Check-out for Sundays 4pm
Main contact Charlie Cross | 01235 821 566

Prior to arrival, please email info@ardingtonhouse.com, so that they can arrange for you to be met by a member of the Ardington (Georgian) House staff, who will provide you with a set of keys for the house and assist you with any queries that you have.

Upon departure, the management asks that bins are taken to the bin store and any used kitchen items have been washed up and put back. Ensure that all doors are locked, all windows are closed and all lights are off, then leave via the kitchen door, lock the door and put the keys through the letter box. If you are leaving during office hours, please give the keys to events manager Charlie Cross.

For non-urgent queries, please email info@ardingtonhouse.com and someone will respond as soon as possible.