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Salcombe Beaches

  • Bantham Beach
    Surfers know Bantham as the South Coast’s premier surfing beach, home to much wildlife with its rare sand dune habitat. Also well known is The Sloop Inn serving good pub food, including lots of local fresh fish right near the beach.
    Bantham, Kingsbridge TQ7 3AN
  • Hope Cove
    The pretty and secluded fishing village of Hope Cove with its fine sandy beaches and calm waters is perfect for families. Sheltered by Bolt Tail, the Cove’s sandy beaches with small waves are excellent for small children.
    Hope Cove, Kingsbridge TQ7 3HW
  • Thurlestone
    A pretty village with thatched old stone buildings and stunning views to the sea, dominated by Thurlestone Rock just off the coast and two big beaches including South Milton Sands.
    Thurlestone, Kingsbridge TQ7 3JY
  • Burgh Island
    Take a sea tractor across to Bigbury-on-Sea and the famous Burgh island
    Kingsbridge TQ7 4BG
  • __________


  • Dartmouth is similar to Salcombe in its relaxed and affluent atmosphere. The town is fast becoming a very fashionable holiday destination, with lots of boutique shops and quality eateries having popped up in the last few years. However glamorous Dartmouth is becoming, though, the fishing industry still beats on here, and you can sit idly by watching the boats come in and deliver fresh fish to the restaurants lining the water’s edge. Culinary highlights include Seahorse (Tel: 01803 835147) and Rockfish (Tel: 01803 832800). To burn off your fish lunch, be sure to walk up to the gigantic Britannia Naval College, a stunning building which overlooks the town.
  • Dartmouth Castle
    Beautiful 15th century castle nestled in the cliffs around Dartmouth, complete with a huge gun tower and some labyrinthine passages. You can get to Dartmouth Castle via a small ferry which sets sail from the town quay.
    Castle Rd, Dartmouth TQ6 0JN
  • __________


  • Totnes prides itself on being different. Since 2006, the town has made every effort to wean itself from a dependence of peak oil. As a result, it has its own local currency – the ‘Totnes Pound’ – and makes every attempt at creating a strong localised community. There are lots of lovely shops here, and almost all are independent; you will find antique books, bespoke furniture, fine art, handmade shoes and market goods. Eateries are excellent, too, with Riverford Field Kitchen (Tel: 01803 762074) coming up trumps.