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Chef & Catering Services

Everything you need to get the most out of your stay

  • Dineindulge
    A unique & truly special private chef experience brought direct to you. Combining a personal chef hire service with restaurant quality cuisine, Dineindulge is designed to be affordable, accessible & simple to book for anyone
  • Côte at Home
    Get bistro-quality food delivered to your door. From starters, mains and desserts, to picnics, breakfasts and barbecue favourites – the professional chefs at Côte at Home can freshly prepare a wide range of dishes, which you can simply serve up, or pop in the oven or microwave to heat. That means less time spent prepping and cooking, and more time enjoying your holiday!
  • Fingers & Forks
    Local and established, bespoke caterers, delicious food for all styles of dinner parties, staff also available.
    www.fingersandforks.co.uk | 01235 835198
  • Ross & Ross Food
    Local, bespoke caterers focusing on fresh, seasonal ingredients from in and around the Cotswolds, staff available.
    www.rossandrossfood.co.uk | 01608 645503
  • Creative Catering
    Local family business with over 16 years’ catering experience. Staff also available.
    www.creative-caterer.co.uk | 07743368373
  • Mick Doughty
    Highly experienced top quality restaurant trained freelance chef.
    mick_doughty40@yahoo.com | 07757316752
  • Many Hands
    Experienced Agency Staff Hire for food & beverage service.
    russell@tcdbusiness.co.uk | 07765774075