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Chef & Catering Services

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Fine Dining

Many of our guests take in the ambience of a country house visit and love to ‘dress for dinner’ booking Kate’s complete ‘on site’ chef services for their special celebration supper. Your very own chef will prepare, cook and serve your meal chosen from Kate’s seasonal Menus. The clearing and tidying is included in the cost, leaving you free to relax and enjoy fine dining and hospitality in the grand setting of Cedar Grange dining room.

Drop-off Catering

Drop-off seasonal dishes are a popular option offering delicious top-class catering, fresh local produce with flexibility on timings and perfect for a buffet spread. Kate prepares your selections and delivers your order to Cedar Grange, accompanied by fresh edible decorations and suggestions for serving as well as detailed heat/serve instructions.

Kate has also created a ‘Lighter on the Pocket’ range of dishes and many of our guests factor this service into their plans, usually favouring it as a delicious alternative to a takeaway or a pub meal.

If you are considering using Kate’s services it is recommended that you make your enquiries well in advance of your visit. Please contact Kate directly on info@kateskitchen-rh14.co.uk.

In the event that Kate and her team may be unable to accommodate your availability, please contact our house manager Rachael on rsadler@lifestylesussex.com who would be pleased to provide contact details of our other caterer. Please note that external caterers are not permitted at Cedar Grange.