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Historic Buildings

  • Totnes Bridge
    Seymour Court, Bridgetown, Totnes TQ9 5AA

Stately Homes & Gardens

  • Ugbrooke House and Gardens
    Ugbrooke House, Chudleigh, Newton Abbot TQ13 0AD
    www.ugbrooke.co.uk | 01626852179
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Places to See

  • South Devon Beaches
    South Devon is home to some of the UK’s best beaches, with 22 miles of sandy coastline and 20 different beaches to choose from. One of the best is Blackpool Sands, about a 40 minute drive from The Dairy Farm, where there’s a stunning white sand beach and a nice beach café and shop. If you fancy travelling to Torquay then there are an abundance of idyllic bays, such as Torre Abbey Sands and the sandy-shale beaches around the red-clay Babbacombe Beach – a place where the locals go to escape the throngs of tourists.
  • Torquay
    Torquay – or the ‘English Riviera’ as it’s fondly known as – is a paradise town of palm trees, steep hills, and plentiful beaches. Weather permitting, you can enjoy a leisurely walk along the pier and promenade, ice cream in hand, and wander up the magnificent Royal Terrace Gardens, where stunning views of the harbour await. Or you can do a spot of retail therapy and visit one of Torquay’s many independent and chain shops.
  • Dartmouth
    Dartmouth is a little quieter and smaller than Torquay, but it’s still just as pleasant. The town is fast becoming a fashionable holiday destination, with lots of boutique shops and quality eateries popping up in the last few years. However glamorous Dartmouth is becoming, the fishing industry still beats on here, and you can sit idly by watching the boats come in and deliver fresh fish to the restaurants lining the water’s edge. Culinary highlights include Seahorse (Tel: 01803 835147) and Rockfish (Tel: 01803 832800). To burn off your fish lunch, be sure to walk up to the gigantic Britannia Naval College, a stunning building which overlooks the town.
  • Totnes
    Totnes prides itself on being different. Since 2006, the town has made every effort to wean itself from a dependence of peak oil and the global markets. As a result, it has its own local currency – the ‘Totnes Pound’ – and makes every attempt at creating a strong, localised community. There are lots of lovely shops here, and almost all are independent; you will find antique books, bespoke furniture, fine art, handmade shoes and market goods. Eateries are excellent, too, with Riverford Field Kitchen (Tel: 01803 762074) coming up trumps and Willow (Tel: 01803 862605) serving the best vegetarian food around.

Local Events and Festivals